Robert Oatley 2012 Great Southern Riesling

I have a massive backlog of tasting notes, so in order to work my way through them in a timely fashion, I’m going to aim for some short(ish) reviews. Wish me luck.

I’d have to say that I’m not as familiar with the wines of Western Australia as I should be. Something I’ll have to try to rectify!

This Robert Oatley Signature Series Riesling comes from WA’s Great Southern region. If you believe the hype, it’s Australia’s new high quality Riesling region.

With Larry Cherubino Director of Winemaking at Robert Oatley, expectations should be high, even though this wine retails at under $20.

Pale straw in the glass, the nose was very restrained: unsurprisingly citrussy with just a slight floral characteristic.

In the mouth, the wine was nicely balanced: mostly citrus with some crisp green apple. The acidity was not the searing, racy acidity that regular Clare Valley Riesling drinkers will be accustomed to – and I wonder if that is going to be a characteristic of Rieslings from Great Southern.

I found the wine pleasant enough and a good reminder that I clearly drink far too much Clare Valley Riesling, but given how much I love Riesling, I also found it a little disappointing.

I wrote my tasting note on the second day the wine was open (and, apparently, after a couple of days being hit in the nose by my toddler!). I can’t for the life of me find the photo I took of the bottle, hence the use of a stock image.

The wine was purchased from Cellarbrations, Flagstaff Hill, for $17.
Closure: screw cap.
Alcohol: 12% abv.

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